Pre-School is a school before the child truly starts going to a school. If we look at the traditions followed by Indians before/during the British ruled us, the kids (boys) were sent to attend the Gurukul at the age of 8 after their thread ceremony. As the society evolved so did the concept of Gurukul changed to School and the kids were put in 1st Grade at an age of 5 or 6 years. Further modernisation and change in traditional values prompted both the parents to work and the kids were sent to Play-groups, Pre–Schools and Day care centres at an early age of 2 years.

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We, at “Smart Kid Nursery” strive to inculcate these very learning’s, good habits and discipline in our pre-schoolers by following the experiential methodology. We strongly believe that a child learns faster and in an appropriate manner when he/she is made to do the activity rather than just listening to what is to be done, or what is right or wrong. Seeing is Believing!!!!!